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Equi Institute Official Statement from the Board


Thursday, April 20th, 2017


It was recently brought to our attention that a member of our board was involved with a public outing of members of a trans-focused social media group, which includes youth. This action has the potential to put the lives of these transgender people in danger and that is in direct conflict with the mission of the Equi Institute. The mission statement of the Equi Institute is to empower and to improve the health of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, two-spirit (LGBTQI2S) communities of the Pacific Northwest.


The Equi Institute is a developing organization seeking 501c3 status. All board members are held to the utmost standards of respect and attention to the care and safety of the LGBTQI2S community. One of the more sensitive issues our community faces is the threat of outing someone's gender or sexual identity without their express permission.


The board member’s public response to the situation was, and continues to be, out of line with the expectations we have for the position of an Equi Institute board member. As such, we’ve requested the resignation of the board member, which has thus far been refused.


We do not take this decision lightly, especially because this board member remains a member of our community. Members of our community are often subject to multiple forms of violence and marginalization, and are extremely vulnerable to ostracization. This is a delicate situation that requires we provide the best opportunity for them to make amends with those they outed, and return to the community without the fear of shaming or judgment from anyone, but rather a focused intention of compassion and healing.


Every effort has been made, and will continue to be made, by the Equi Institute to keep this matter as confidential as we can in respect for the former board member’s privacy and wellbeing. However, this board member's actions and statements are putting community members in increasingly vulnerable positions which is why we are releasing this statement.


Equi Institute Board of Directors has unanimously voted for this board member’s removal, which is effective as of 4/20/17 at 6:30 pm.

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To empower and improve the health of the LGBTQQI2S communities of the Pacific Northwest. We provide services and programs through a community health clinic.

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