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Our namesake: Dr. Marie Equi


photo of Dr. Maria EquiDr. Marie Equi was dedicated to the expansion of women's reproductive choices, including access to birth control and abortion. She was a leading figure in public health campaigns and organized a contingent of Portland doctors and nurses to travel to San Francisco in response to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. In recognition of her efforts, she received an award from President Theodore Roosevelt.


Equi traveled to the west with her friend Bess Holcom and while Holcom worked as a teacher—Equi studied to enter medical school. In 1901 she enrolled in the University of Oregon Medical School, as a member of one of the first classes to admit women at the institution. After graduating with her M.D. in 1903 she set up practice in Portland, Oregon, serving working class women and children and gaining a reputation as an expert diagnostician and tireless advocate for reproductive choice.


Dr. Equi was an exceptional physician. When birth control advocate Margaret Sanger described her as "a rebellious soul" and labor activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn proclaimed her "the stormy petrel of the Northwest," they understated the case. She was a radical political activist who lived openly as a lesbian.


Dr. Equi did not distinguish between what many saw as distinct campaigns for birth control, women's suffrage, and an overall improvement in women's living standards and working conditions. Instead, she saw all as part of the larger class struggle, the end of which would be the freedom, dignity, and health of working women and their families.


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To empower and improve the health of the LGBTQQI2S communities of the Pacific Northwest. We provide services and programs through a community health clinic.

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4115 N. Mississippi Ave. PDX 97217

Phone: 503.459.2584 | Fax: 503.719.8244

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ADA symbolADA building, gender neutral bathrooms, on the #4 bus line, free on site parking, interpreters available upon request. 

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