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photo of Dr. Angela Carter, ND

Dr. Angela Carter (Pronouns: They/them)

They began serving the LGBTQQI2S community at 16 when they joined the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC) in San Francisco as a peer counselor on their youth hotline.  They moved to Seattle in 1997 and joined Q Patrol, Seattle’s LGBTQQI2S street safety patrol organization.  Over many years of volunteering with service orgs for and being part of the LGBTQQI2S community, Dr. Carter developed a keen understanding of the discrimination and health disparities faced by their community.  In 2007 they began medical school with an interest in Queer and Transgender health care.  In 2009, they became chair of the Queers and Allies group on campus, facilitating educational seminars on LGBTQQI2S health, changing clinic and school policy around gender requirements, and improving aspects of LGBTQQI2S care in the community clinics.


They have volunteered continuously with the Meaningful Care Conference since 2009, stepping into the co chair role for this year’s conference.  Dr. Carter’s work has attracted a large and primarily transgender and queer patient base to their practice, uniquely positioning them to see larger trends in LGBTQQI2S health and care. Dr Carter has attended numerous trainings around the country in LGBTQQI2S health. They teach a class focused on the culturally specific variables in primary care for LGBTQQI2S and sexual minority communities as adjunct faculty at the University of Western States. They work with the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force to improve the experience of Transgender and Gender Non Conforming survivors of sexual assault. Dr.Carter is the Board Chair and Medical Director of the Equi Institute as well as running their private practice, and lecturing frequently at local and national medical conferences.


Payment info: Dr. Carter currently accepts payments by cash, check, or credit card. They are on panel with the following insurance companies: Optum/United, Aetna, Cigna, MODA, Lifewise, HealthNet, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are currently working on credentialing with Kaiser/CHP and Oregon Health Co-op. They do take OHP (including OHP Kaiser, OHP Providence, Health Share/Care Oregon, and Family Care,) but please note: if you have Providence, standard or OHP panel, you will need a referral from an MD to see an ND. They also offer a financial hardship rate of $45for folks who are low income and/or uninsured, on a limited basis, and is a member of the Portland Patient Physician Cooperative. For more information, please visit




photo of Dr. Annah ShapiroDr. Annah Shapiro (Pronouns: They/she) 

My work as a health care provider prioritizes actively addressing racial, economic, and gender affirming health equity work. I graduated from The National College of Natural Medicine in the summer of 2015 with a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor. There I focused on internships in community health settings and working with LGBT and gender non-conforming folks. I also worked for four years with the FAME (Food as Medicine Every Day) institute teaching nutrition and cooking classes in the community, including classes for monolingual Spanish speakers. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and happy to provide care for patients in either language. I also completed a 1 year peer counseling internship at the school’s counseling center. Other medical experience includes training others in first aid workshops, previous EMT training, and a current WFR (Wilderness First Certification) that I have maintained since 2005.


I am very excited and honored to be a primary care doctor at Equi Institute, a center dedicated to working within the communities to which I belong. My work includes diagnosing and treating illness, prescriptions, labs and imaging, counseling, nutrition, herbs, physical adjustments, and gentle body work.


I come to this work with a background in social services. For several years I worked in Philadelphia (where I am from) as an HIV medical case manager. I have worked with youth since being one myself through service learning, Jewish education, wilderness backpacking trips, and challenge course facilitation. I have 6 years of experience leading backpacking and adventure trips for youth. Making the outdoors feel accessible and fun is something I am passionate about. I also believe being in relationship with nature is ultimately nourishing for overall well-being and welcome the discussion around the many ways that we can explore the natural world – even without leaving home.


I graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 2005 where I focused on peace and social justice studies along with popular education models. I believe in showing up and working for a world that interrupts and ideally prevents bigotry and oppression and affirms people's identities and heritage. For fun I play in my garden and with my three legged 12 year old dog Callisto, travel out to nature, and cook delicious food for myself and loved ones.


Payment info: Dr. Shapiro currently accepts payments by cash, check, or credit card. Dr. Shapiro is on panel with the following insurance companies: Optum/United, Aetna, Cigna, MODA, Lifewise, HealthNet, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, and are currently working on credentialing with Kaiser/CHP and Oregon Health Co-op. Dr. Shapiro takes OHP (including OHP Kaiser, OHP Providence, Health Share/Care Oregon, and Family Care,) but please note: if you have Providence, standard or OHP panel, you will need a referral from an MD to see an ND. Dr. Shapiro also offers a financial hardship rate of $45 for folks who are low income and/or uninsured, on a limited basis.



photo of Dr. LucyDr. Lucy Reeve (Pronouns: They/she) 

My goal as a doctor is to help guide people by giving thoughtful, personalized medical advice. I strongly believe in patient autonomy and in developing creative plans to help take care of your body in a way that feels right to you with the resources you have. I aim to treat every patient with respect and empathy and to provide a safe space for nonjudgmental, inclusive primary care.


Services I offer include laboratory and diagnostic testing, trauma informed physical exams, referrals to specialists and surgeons, informed consent gender affirming hormone therapy, sex positive STI testing, pelvic rehabilitation therapy, and culturally competent primary care for LGBTQ individuals. Treatments I offer include prescription pharmaceutical medications, herbal medicine, weight-neutral nutrition education, stress reduction techniques, gentle physical adjustments, and advocacy for accessing resources.


I graduated from The National College of Natural Medicine in 2016 after focusing clinically on community healthcare. I worked largely with LGBTQ and gender non-conforming patients and in addiction recovery using a harm-reduction model. In undergraduate I studied sculpture, making work that explored my connection to my own body and my gender. I completed a certificate in holistic nutrition and cooking at Bauman College and then moved to Portland where I worked as an herb specialist. My volunteer endeavors have included working at Planned Parenthood as an abortion services patient advocate and teaching cooking classes through the Oregon Food Bank. If I am not at the office you can find me singing in the kitchen while cooking a pot of soup, taking my dogs for a walk, wildcrafting herbs for homemade medicines or sewing a felt dinosaur.


Payment info:

Dr. Reeve currently accepts payments by cash, check, or by credit card through Square. They can bill Cigna, OHP Care Oregon and Family Care, and they are working on credentialing with more insurance companies (updates soon!). They are a member of the Portland Patient Physician Cooperative (more info here: They also offer cash pay visits, and a financial hardship rate of $45 for limited patients. 



 photo of Rowan EverardRowan Everard, LAc (Pronouns: He/him) 

Rowan is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist. He has trained healthcare providers in basic trans medicine, cultural competency with LGBT patients, and social justice frameworks for interfacing with LGBT patients for the last 4 years. He is passionate about community healing, and specializes in treating psychological trauma, chronic pain, and urogenital disorders.


Payment Info: Rowan currently accepts payments by cash, check and Paypal. He is on panel with the following insurance companies: Cigna, Lifewise and Reliant, OHP and other panels are pending. He offers a financial hardship rate of $25, and welcomes both scheduled and walk in clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-5pm. He has a $20 same day cancellation fee. 







photo of Leah GregoryLeah Gregory(Pronouns: She/them)

I hold that we all have the capacity to heal from hurts, to design and live our lives according to our values, and the ability to connect to others. I work with you as collaborative facilitator, with profound compassion. I use attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, internal family systems theory, and an eco-therapeutic approach. I am transparent and open with clients and work to amplify your strengths and shift distressing patterns. I am comfortable and competent with family structures that may look unusual to others, including queer, trans, poly, and kink relationships; we can speak freely about the dynamics in your life. I maintain a systemic and social justice lens in my work.


Clinical focus includes gender transition, anxiety, depression, personal growth, and relationship health, including families and children.


Payment Info: Sliding scale $40-$70 for 50-minute individual sessions. Currently not accepting insurance. Groups and families, please ask. Schedule by emailing or calling 541 890 9493. 30 minute free initial consultation available.




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