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The Equi Institute Clinic provides excellent, accessible, culturally competent, and medically appropriate Integrative health care to individuals of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and abilities in the LGBTQQI2S communities of the Pacific Northwest.


Primary Care and Pediatrics: The clinic offers both Naturopathic and Alopathic primary care services for members of the LGBTQQI2S communities and their families, including pediatric through geriatric wellness and illness check-ups, sexual and reproductive health care, addictions harm reduction plans, hormone therapy, pubertal suppression, and referrals to competent specialists in our vetted network.

Massage, Body Work, and Physical Medicine: Healthy and healing touch is offered in the forms of massage, chiropractic care, and other therapies.  All providers are vetted and well versed in working with LGBTQQI2S, as well as genderqueer and transgender bodies and their specific needs.  

Transgender, Intersex, and Genderfluid Services: Specialty services include hormone therapy, pubertal suppression, SRS surgical pre- and post- care, Gender issues focused counseling, and Social network building for better health.

Sexual Health Services: The clinic offers judgement-free education on safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual interactions including polyamory, BDSM, etc, STI/HIV evaluation and management, and harm reduction strategies and bad date information for sex workers, The clinic will also offer free access to condoms, dental dams, gloves, and other protective barriers.


Our Mission

To empower and improve the health of the LGBTQQI2S communities of the Pacific Northwest. We provide services and programs through a community health clinic.

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We need your help! Building out and equipping an entire clinic is a big project--please help however you can and spread the word!

Our info

4115 N. Mississippi Ave. PDX 97217

Phone: 503.459.2584 | Fax: 503.719.8244

Front desk: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm


ADA symbolADA building, gender neutral bathrooms, on the #4 bus line, free on site parking, interpreters available upon request. 

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